BHFM September 8, 2018 Coffee and Flavors

September 8th I will have the following coffees:

  1. Super Dave’s Fire Brew (Guatemalan) $11.50
  2. Everlasting – (Colombian Supremo – Huila) $11.50
  3. Kahuro Dynamics – (Kenya AA Peaberry) Specialty Coffee – $12.25
  4. Majestic Sunshine – (Papua New Guinea) Specialty Coffee – $12.00

Flavors – All Flavors are $11.50 per lb

  1. Fancy Nancy’s Rainforest Crunch – Brown Sugar, Nuts, Cream
  2. Sea of Caramel Mocha – Sea Salt, Caramel, Mocha
  3. Macchiato Awakening – Caramel and Vanilla

We also have Buzz Balls back – Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans – $6.00 per 8 oz.

If you want something else not listed, (and I have it) please email or call me at least 2 days prior to the Farmers Market. I will have it roasted and ready for you on Saturday!

You can find all flavors here:

All coffees and blends are here:

Nancy S.